The highest quality, accurate selection of raw materials, efficient service, team work, respect and consideration for the client: these are the core values of Lucchi S.p.A. which have made our products renowned and appreciated by numerous clients throughout the world.

The guide lines which today characterise our offer system are:

Tradition and innovation. These two elements coexist in the business culture which interprets these values at the same time in order to promote a radical product innovation, which is developed alongside tradition and decades of experience.

Made in Italy. A guarantee of quality you can trust, constant assistance and competence are only some of our main characteristic which make our “made in Italy” products the best in the world. Lucchi S.p.A. continues to encourage these values and translates them into unique inimitable products.

Cutting-edge technology and patented systems. Attention and professional service are reserved for our innovative technology and effective solutions for the future of our products. The company has developed patented systems, thanks to decades of experience, in order to guarantee researched and unique client solutions.

Eco-sustainability. Sensitivity to the environment is one of the values that characterises our company; we try to work in an ecologically responsible manner, causing the minimum possible environmental impact.

“From a natural material to something which astounds with style”